We offer an e-mail service to our friends, etc....

So we have grabbed the name ‘Tinyfoot.net’.  We hope you like the play on the more well known ‘Bigfoot’ e-mail service.

If you are desperate to change your e-mail you can contact us to see what we offer.  We are not a full-blown ISP, so you will still need to stay with your ISP in order to make contact with the outside world, but do do web hosting and e-mail hosting.

If you were to come to us it would be on the understanding that we are a small outfit, we go on holiday sometimes and we don’t pretend to have a team of bright young things sitting by the machines 24 hours a day...

We are very strong on anti-spam protection, so if you have been getting masses of spam you may want to use us.  We also quite like helping people who get confused by the bright young things, or get fed up with being one of thousands of customers that the big firms don’t care about...

Tinyfoot.net is an enterprise within Cleaford Services .

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